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Allon - The King's Children by Shawn Lamb

Illustrated by Robert Lamb

Illustrated stories for young readers ages 8-10 featuring the 4 children of King Ellis that take place between Books 2 and 3 of the main series.

Now available at Audible!  Allon - The King's Children Trilogy

Read by Shawn Lamb

These audiobooks are a perfect compliment to the illustrated books, enabling young readers to follow along as Shawn Lamb reads her stories to them.

Necie and the Apples

The King's Children - Book 1

by Shawn Lamb


Princess Necie and her older brother and sisters look forward to the annual Harvest Festival. It is a time of fun and play without strict royal rules to follow. But when a bad thunderstorm happens, the fun turns to panic as no one can find Necie.


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Tristine's Dorgirith Adventure

The King's Children - Book 2

by Shawn Lamb


Princess Tristine can hardly wait for her 10th birthday to go on her first hunt with her father, King Ellis, and her older brother, Prince Nigel. Eager to prove herself, Tristine chases a stag deep into Dorgirith. Lost in the once-forbidden forest, Tristine and Nigel find something long forgotten.


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Nigel's Broken Promise

The King's Children - Book 3

by Shawn Lamb


Prince Nigel promised to take his younger sister, Tristine, on her first day-long hunt. No parents, just the two of them for the entire day. But everything changed when he invited his friends to come along.


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The Activity Book of Allon

by Shawn, Robert and Briana Lamb


Featuring character art, scenes and puzzles inspired by the fantasy series Allon by Shawn Lamb


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Being a Knight for King Jesus

by Shawn Lamb


Illustrated by Robert and Briana Lamb


An illustrated children's study of Ephesians 6. Join Prince Nigel and his wife, Princess Mirit from the allegorical series Allon, as they help kids ages 8-12 understand the pieces of the Armor of God in Being a Knight for King Jesus.


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