Allon - Book 1

Struggle for Allon

Second Edition

by Shawn Lamb

Will darkness overshadow hope?

Five hundred years have passed since the Great Battle of immortals drove the mighty Guardians of Jor’el from Allon, and allowed the rise of the Dark Way.

Grand Master Latham plots to use King Marcellus to bring the kingdom under total control of the Dark Lord Dagar. However, an ancient prophecy tells of the Guardians’ return along with the rightful heir to reclaim Allon for Jor’el.

Age 16, Prince Ellis must find a way to defeat Latham and Marcellus if Allon is to have any hope of salvation. He will face trials that test his character, faith, wisdom, and his heart.

Reading level: ages 12 and up

Paperback: 342 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0996438124

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a young adult fantasy series by Shawn Lamb

Meet immortal Guardians and mortals as they share adventures, face dangers, define destinies and discover faith.


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Allon - Book 1 - Struggle for Allon by Shawn Lamb, 2nd Edition

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Struggle For Allon is the 2nd edition of the original Allon Book 1. Due to publisher constraints on word count and page length for Allon Book 1, scenes were deleted or shortened, and the character list excluded in favor of just the map.

Now, with rights reverted to the author, those omissions are restored in Struggle for Allon. The 2nd edition is 20% longer with 60 pages of replaced material and new scenes.