Allon - Books 1-9

Study Guide

This study guide came at the request of parents as an aid to teach their children the Biblical themes in the allegorical series ALLON. This new guide covers the entire series, Books 1 through 9. ... Read more

Allon - Book 9

In Plain Sight

Mortal Mystery

A few weeks before the wedding of Prince Titus to Lady Jillian and the laying of the cornerstone for Jor’el’s Palace, an unexpected incident sends shockwaves through the Guardian ranks. ... Read more

Allon - Book 8 - Divided

Ellan’s Revenge!

Ellan escapes from exile to reclaim the throne! She’ll stop at nothing to destroy Tristine and Tyrone, including summoning the dark forces her father once defeated. ... Read more

Allon - Book 7

Dangerous Deception

Nothing is What It Seems

After receiving an invitation from Natan to meet the new Emperor, King Tyrone entrusts Nigel, Mirit and Lord Allard as royal envoys. Complications ensue when a stowaway is discovered to be a defiant 12-year-old prince. ...

Read more

Allon - Book 6 - Dilemma

Winter of Discontent

Far across the northern sea from Allon, the snowbound country of Soren is ruled by women with an iron fist, subjugating all males without mercy. A cry for help reaches King Tyrone, but sympathy turns to outrage upon learning the Sorens plan to invade Allon. ... Read more

Allon - Book 4

A Question of Sovereignty

Only One Can Reign

“He shall be Allon’s greatest king; of such a heritage as to rule Guardian and mortal alike” so says Prophecy of the man to succeed Ellis who accepts Prince Sullivan to wed his heir, Ellan, unaware the prince’s mother is an old enemy. ... Read more

Allon - Book 5 - Gauntlet

The Challenge is Accepted!

Prince Titus, son of King Tyrone and Queen Tristine, is kidnapped, and the suspects are Tunlundian pirates. But what do they want with a 7 year-old boy? The fate of his nephew in question, Nigel takes Chad and Avatar on a covert mission into Tunlund. ... Read more

Allon - Book 3 

Heir Apparent

A Dangerous Dowry?

Shortly after a defeated enemy arrives in Allon with the offer of a royal marriage, strange things begin to happen. What is the connection of four mysterious stones to a jade statue? ... Read more

Allon - Book 2 - Insurrection

The Dark Way Doesn’t Die Easily

Four years since the defeat of their uncle King Marcellus, sixteen-year-old Wess, his younger brother Bosley and their twin sisters have lived like commoners. ... Read more

Allon - Book 1
Struggle for Allon

Will Darkness Overshadow Hope?

Five hundred years have passed since the Great Battle of immortals drove the mighty Guardians of Jor’el from Allon, and allowed the rise of the Dark Way. ... Read more

a young adult fantasy series by Shawn Lamb

Meet immortal Guardians and mortals as they share adventures, face dangers, define destinies and discover faith.

“5 STARS!!! ALLON is a superb coming of age quest fantasy ... anyone who enjoys ERAGON will want to journey to ALLON ...”  Harriet Klausner, Amazon’s #1 reviewer and featured in Time magazine

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Shawn Lamb explains why she wrote the epic fantasy series Allon in this YouTube video.


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Allon - Book 1 - Struggle for Allon by Shawn Lamb, 2nd Edition